Biobased animal friends


The construction set for sustainable play. Sustainability is an important priority that we take to heart. 

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  • The material of the building blocks consists of at least 60% renewable raw materials
  • Environmentally friendly packaging
  • Animal models from fischertechnik for the first time
  • New colors
For the first time, children can get excited about individual fischertechnik parts made from organic polyamide, with fun animal models and bright new colors. Our individual parts have always been very durable, which means they can be used for generations. But now they are also being made from organic polyamide, consisting of up to 60% renewable raw materials. The packaging and building instructions are also made from recycled materials, making an active contribution to the circular economy. Our close relationship with nature is also illustrated by the fun animal models – Larry the lizard, Sammy the spider, Sandy the scorpion, Henry the horse and Cleo the cat are all excited to join in the playtime adventures, and they are part of the sustainable overall concept.


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