Bingo Bears


Children build preschool skills with Bingo Bears, the smart twist on a classic game. Bingo Bears helps young children practice number and colour identification, as well as size comparison skills through fun game play. 

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After children build their bingo cards, they can play two different games which are match pieces by number, or sort by size and colour. This game is ideal for playing in the classroom or during family games night, and because there’s no reading needed, it’s suitable for children ages 3 and up. 

Bingo Bears is an all new take on a classroom and family favourite! Play to win while building number, colour, and comparison skills.

  • There are two ways to play. To play Number Bingo Bears, twirl the spinner and see where it lands. All players check to see if their card has that number. The first player to match three number tiles in a row and call out “Bingo Bears” wins! This game helps children build number recognition and memory skills.
  • Young children practice visual scanning skills in a game of Colour/Size Bingo Bears as they look for the bear to match the one shown on the spinner. Spin the spinner and watch where the arrow lands Players then scan their bears to see if they have the matching one!
  • Includes 4 Bingo Bear cards, 32 double-sided number and colour tiles, 36 Three Bear Family® game markers, 1 double-sided spinner, and Activity Guide.

Suitable for boy & girl
Suitable for ages 3+
Suitable for 2-4 players


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