Discovering STEM: Νόμοι Νεύτωνα



Start having fun with Physics and learn the basics of Mechanics in a playful way!

This Physics kit lets builders assemble 8 fully-functional models including a ballistic catapult, a balloon-powered plane and a dragster car. The set provides 119 plastic parts made from ABS and easy-to-follow illustrated building instructions for 6 models and 3D building instructions on the website and via the free Engino kidCAD app for all models! 

Follow the experimental guides and connect motion with your functional constructions. 

Reinforce the concepts. Construct the:

1. gravity fan and rotate it using the force of gravity! Discover:

– How potential energy converts to kinetic.

– The acceleration of gravity and speed.

2. build a balloon-powered plane and store energy! Check how the plane starts flying around its base when the balloon releases air. Change the balloon’s position and learn:

– What centrifugal and centripetal forces are. 

– How balloon energy converts to kinetic.

3. ballistic catapult and examine its function! Test:

– How gravity affects the path of motion.

– How Newton’s 3rd law of action and reaction is applied.

Explore the energy with 6 fun experiments that encourage problem solving and play for deeper understanding!

Challenge your newly acquired knowledge with the revision quiz, also included in the booklet!

Accelerate STEM learning also in a classroom through play-based lessons with this set!



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