Helios Optics Brass telescope MT 60/1000 28x


As well as its use as a fully functional brass telescope with a 28x magnification, it is above all its elegant design that makes this telescope an absolute eye catcher! Whether in a house by the sea or in a penthouse apartment, the captivating design of the Harbormaster telescope makes an impression anywhere. The Harbormaster name comes from sea faring, as one earlier seldom saw a ship without such a telescope.

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The altazimuth mount can be used to swivel and lock the telescope in two axes, so that any object can be easily put into the field of view and observed. The associated tripod is matched to the weight of the telescope and is manufactured from exquisite mahogany, with a solid brass spreader guaranteeing a high level of stability.

Telescope type Brass telescope
Type of build Achromat
Lens diameter (mm)60
Focal length (mm)1000
Magnification 28
Tube weight (kg)4,4
Tripod Mahagony
Type of build Helical
Weight (kg)7,6


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