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GSO 10-inch f/5 Dobsonian Telescope Deluxe Version


Perfect for deep-sky and solar system observing.

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With its highly refined Dobsonian style mount the telescope is the ideal companion for discerning beginners and for advanced observers alike! A 10″ mirror will collect about 55% more light than an 8″ mirror. This means that the image is much brighter, and many more objects are within reach. Galaxies will reveal their spiral structure. Planetary nebulae will display splendid detail where a smaller telescope will hardly show anything. The diffraction limited quality optics from GSO will at the same time offer razor sharp images even at high magnifications. Planets and the moon will be seen in great detail.

Optical Design Reflector, Newton
Diameter (mm) 250
Focal Length – F (mm) 1250
Aperture Ratio (f/) 5
Mounting Type Dobsonian
Finder Scope 8×50, achromatic
Maximum Useful Magnification (x) 610
Eyepieces 30mm 2”, 9mm Super Ploessl, 35mm
Weight 28kg

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Deep Sky, Moon – Planets


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